• आयुः कामयमानेन धर्माथ सुखसाधनम् ।। आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेयः परमादरः ॥ (अ० सं० सू०- १/२)

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Life @ Vivek Ayurvedic College

Our experience at Vivek college is all about learning with fun. The atmosphere here is very calm and soothing. Vivek college for me is a balance of all round development while catering to moral values. The prime focus is student development for which the ideas and thoughts from everyone is invited.

The demand of herbal medicines is increasing day by day. But there is a lack of qualified persons who can prescribe the herbal medicines to the patients. The management of vivek colleges established the first Ayurveda college in the Moradabad region in 2016 with BAMS course. Bachelor OfAyurvedic Medicine and Surgery provides the basic education in indigenous medicine and ayurveda. The college is having in campus 100 bededayurvedic hospital to provide the practical training to the students.

Our Labs

The college has well equipped laboratories of SharirKriya, Dravyaguna, RasshastraAvomBhaisjyaKalpna, RogNidanAvomVikritiVigyan departments.

Our Library

The college is having well ventilated spacious rich library with 8000 National & International Books and journals.

Our Class Room

Our Class room designed as per international standards to ensure effective teacher-student interaction. These are also equipped with LCD projectors and a host of other contemporary teaching aids.

Our Hospital

100 bedded hospital is running under the guidance of qualifies experience and staff.Daily numbers of patients are taking advantages from O.P.D. & I.P.D as well as the surgery unit (O.T.), latest technology, equipments and instruments like (X – ray machine, ECG Unit) radiology unit. We also have fully equipped Pathology Lab. The hospital is running in the rural area where people have no medical facility and due to some regional problem as impurity of water became the prey of many diseases. The college hospital helps those people and arranges all the facilities to them in order to make them healthy. The college hospital has all the required infrastructure and space to make competitive and efficient doctors who will help the people in order to make them free from diseases, which helps to maintain their health, wealth & happiness.

Our Panchkarma Centre

Our panchkarma unit is well equipped and established. There are total facilities of various stages like Shirodhara, Virechan, Nasya karma and Vasti karma etc. Unit is properly functioning under experienced & qualified staff.

Extra Curricular Activities


Current Events & Activities


The Best College for BAMS

Vivek Group of colleges,a renowned group in Moradabad region,is situated on Bijnor Noopur road,in the midst of lush green surrounding area.T his group is known for its discipline and creative educational environment and for its devoted, innovated, qualified, experienced faculty.